Spurious Biodiesel

Spurious Biodiesel is a game spoiler for Biodiesel industry –

Though India has realised the potential of biodiesel as regards the environment protection, energy security and benefits for the exchequer. biodiesel market in India, is still at a nascent stage where Government through policy initiatives, is trying to build an ecosystem to where the industry is gradually picking up its pace. But the biodiesel market still being underdeveloped, is finding itself in jeopardy with instances of spurious biodiesel being sold in the name of biodiesel.

Why is Adulterated biodiesel harmful?

Biodiesel is a cleaner and greener alternative of fossil diesel popularly known as high-speed diesel. it is the main idea around which the concept of biodiesel is founded. It is a win-win product from the aspect of environment, economic and energy security. For biodiesel to become an acceptable transport fuel in a country like India, it is being promoted as a safe fuel that is as good as fossil fuel for the vehicles with lower emissions. But spurious biodiesel can do exactly opposite. It causes greater environmental pollution and harm the consumer health as the products used in it are not as per the specifications.

In many instances, it has been found that high-speed diesel is sold as biodiesel illegally without any authorisation. Biodiesel sold directly through tankers at many places aren’t a product of fine transesterification and its blending with conventional diesel is not as per the standards. The spurious biodiesel is sold at cheaper rates in the name of biodiesel and may cause damage to the vehicles.

Spurious biodiesel detrimental to genuine biodiesel producers

Spurious biodiesel menace is gradually rising in different states across India. It is noteworthy that it can cause damage the biodiesel market which is trying to gain its ground in Indian market and position itself as an alternative to fossil diesel. Such instances can cause credibility crisis for biodiesel as a product and put biodiesel industry in peril.

How nexus biodiesel ensures delivery of safe and genuine biodiesel to its customers?

Nexus biodiesel highly recommends buying biodiesel from registered and licensed dealers only. Our company has made great efforts towards ensuring delivery of quality biodiesel to end users. Company has set in place, a process to track and monitor the delivery and sale of the product from its dealer outlets. Company uses an AI based system that helps monitor the sale of fuel at retail outlets. As software automatically updates the level of biodiesel at dealer’s outlet. Unless and until the company releases more biodiesel, the tank cannot be filled. If anyone at the outlet tries to add something other than biodiesel to the storage tank, the software will update about the increased level and the company will get the information instantly. This helps in keeping a close watch on sale of biodiesel and help prevent instances of adulteration.

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