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1) Nexus Biodiesel Premium-B100:

Our industry-leading Biodiesel offerings incorporate Biodiesel retail outlets, storage outlets, mobile vans with a storage capacity of 3000 litres as well as Biodiesel mini pumps with a storage capacity of 1200 litres.

Our proficient management has established a self-sustaining framework of profitability ensuring a seamless supply of Biodiesel from depots to mobile vans to mini-pumps.

2) Blue Gas Packed Cylinders:

India ranks among the second largest consumers of LPG across the world and we cater to this gigantic demand of the country by offering state-of-the-art LPG cylinders for both commercial and domestic consumption. Our cylinders are available in four variants of storage capacities i.e. 33kg, 21kg, 17kg and 15kg.

Our LPG bottling plant situated at Kelwad near Nagpur, possesses a 60 MT capacity and harnesses cutting edge technology to cater to the growing consumption needs of LPG in the country.

We also aim to set up auto LPG dispensing stations pan India to promote cleaner fuel and reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. Since LPG is a more budget-friendly fuel alternative as against petrol and diesel, the demand for gas is mounting with each passing day.