Industries to Benefit

An EIA estimate suggests that world over the world consumes around 99.3 million barrels of oil per day. India’s share stands at 4.49 million barrels/day in terms of oil consumption. Given the massive global oil consumption, the world is staring at an imminent energy crisis in roughly 40 years down the line. Biodiesel has the potential to reverse this scenario by supplementing and possibly replacing the fossil fuel uses in various industries and giving energy security in a sustainable and environment friendly way.

Biodiesel is an alternative of fossil Diesel, but it has other uses too. As a fuel, biodiesel is way too dynamic, given the kind of applications and usefulness it has for various industries. Let’s have a look at its uses and how it can give a sustainable energy solution to various industries in the time to come.

Transport industry is arguably the biggest consumer of fuel globally. An estimate suggests that more than 30% of world’s oil required to power transport industry alone. It means that Biodiesel has a really strong scope for supplementing the diesel uses in the time to come. It can either be blended with diesel in desired percentage or fully replace the fossil diesel.

Biodiesel can also replace kerosene as a cooking fuel. Many industries have already started using biodiesel as a cooking fuel.

Agriculture as an industry can benefit a lot from biodiesel, as it is the prime supplier of raw materials i.e. plants like palm, and seeds like Jatropha, soybean and corn used to produce biodiesel. To achieve energy security, if the countries world over are to boost their bio-fuel production, it will give a major impetus to agriculture. Also, in a developing country like India, where due to lack of electricity, farmers have to rely heavily on the use of diesel for farming activities, biodiesel can aid them greatly.

Similarly, industries like Mining, Construction, Logistics, Forestry, Marine, Fishing, Food, Paint industry can also benefit a lot from biodiesel and its application.

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