Biodiesel: A clean alternative fuel

History of Biodiesel:

The concept of Biodiesel came into existence in the year 1890, when Rudolph Diesel used pure vegetable oil in diesel engine, instead of fossil diesel. The modern age biodiesel though is a result of research conducted in Belgium in the 1930s, where oil was converted into fatty acid alkyl esters through the process of transesterification and from here started the journey of clean alternative fuel of petroleum diesel, known as biodiesel.

Biodiesel in India:

Production of biodiesel in India dates back to year 1948 with the Indian power alcohol act coming into force. India adopted national biofuel policy in 2008. The policy aimed to meet 20% blending rate of ethanol in petrol and 20% biodiesel in diesel by the year 2017. But the country underperformed on this front and a blending rate of only 2% ethanol in petrol and 0.1% biodiesel in diesel could be achieved by that time.

Nexus Biodiesel –

Given the need of alternate fuel production to become self-reliant in a developing nation like India, there is a huge opportunity for new players in this emerging sector. Nexus biodiesel is a promising entrant in India’s green energy space, guided by Industry Pioneers like Mr. Faisal Kazi, Mr.Yusuf Kazi, and Mr. Rangarao Puppala. The trio has a vast and diverse business experience in energy and related fields along with other business areas, which they are leveraging to shape the alternative energy space through their venture Nexus Biodiesel. here is a brief note about the trio.

FAISAL KAZI- MD, Nexus Biodiesel

Faisal Kazi is the MD of Nexus biodiesel. Given his association with prominent global oil corporations like Saudi Aramco, China national oil company, Halliburton and Raytheon, he is a veteran in the energy space with rich expertise in oil & Gas, construction & mining industry. After completing more than 10 years of business associations, he shifted back to India. Being a pro in the energy industry and encouraged with the promising outlook of biodiesel industry, Faisal quickly spotted the opportunity into India’s alternate green fuel industry. At this juncture, he along with a few associates, took over Nagpur based‘Ahana Energy Limited’ (AEL), a public limited company, which is primarily involved in manufacturing and trading of Biodiesel.

RANGARAO PUPPALA- Director, Nexus Biodiesel

Rangarao Puppala is the Director of Nexus biodiesel. given his vast and dynamic experience in the field of business operations & management, he is responsible for new business development. He is also experienced in the LPG gas business & its day-to-day operations, which is makes him well equipped to handle the kind of challenges that a company has to face on the distribution front and address them in an efficient way. With his commercial acumen and an extremely result-oriented approach, he will drive the growth of business with great efficiency.

YUSUF KAZI- Director, Nexus Biodiesel

Yusuf Kazi is the director of Nexus Biodiesel. He is leading the Gas division of the company, being responsible for Setting up of auto LPG stations across India and managing the growth of LPG packed cylinders, LPG bottling units, and most of all biodiesel.

Yusuf has worked with leading brands like GoGas, Purti group, Reliance energy, Haldiram, etc. with rich 20-year experience in sales, marketing, and advertising, he aims to use his expertise in establishing Nexus Gas Pvt. Ltd. as a front player in India’s clean energy landscape.

India’s alternative energy domain is expanding at a faster pace than earlier. The government is also paying special attention to this sector according to it the status of the sunrise industry. Union govt. and has put in place a formal policy to support and encourage more and more players to step into the alternate fuel industry. Given the expertise and the ability of its leaders with an aggressive business expansion strategy, Nexus biodiesel is well placed to gain a strong ground in the clean fuel domain very soon.

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