About Nexus Biodiesel


About Nexus Biodiesel

Headquartered in the city of Nagpur, Maharashtra, Nexus Biodiesel has carved a distinctive niche in the Biodiesel and Auto LPG segment. Our core objective since our inception has centred around improving the environment and addressing India’s energy requirements effectively.
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Nexus Biodiesel

Our Mission

Our core mission is reliably supplying clean and green energy to the nation, and continue to progress towards becoming the nation’s leading integrated green energy manufacturer and supplier.

Our Vision

We produce and channel clean energy resources in the service of our nation by bringing together people, technology and data every step of the way to drive better outcomes across safety, sustainability and efficiency.

Our Values


Safety is our most important value. We are committed to safeguard people, assets and the environment.


We aspire to do the right thing i.e. doing the right thing for our clients, employees, public and the environment.


We are open to new ideas, we continually improve our processes to achieve greater efficiency, productivity and higher performance.


We work in close collaboration with our stakeholders, clients & associates and embrace each other’s unique contribution which delivers amazing results.

Our Team

Our top management includes industry veterans with decades of global experience in the energy sector.

Faisal Kazi, Managing Director, Nexus Biodiesel

With a comprehensive work experience of 28 years in the oil and gas domain, Mr Faisal Kazi serves as the managing director of Nexus Gas Pvt Ltd. His previous stint as a high level management professional includes association with top multinational companies across the Middle East, Africa and the Far Eastern region.

Some of the gas and oil industry giants he has worked for include Saudi Aramco, Saudi Arabia; China National Oil Company (CNOC), China; Halliburton, USA and Raytheon, USA

Mr Kazi has also worked with renowned consultancy firms across the globe including Mckinsey & Company, Ernst & Young, KPMG etc.

His business objective with Nexus Gas includes increasing the penetration of Eco-friendly alternate green fuels across the country and ensuring the last mile supply chain network of the same.

Rangarao Puppala, Director, Nexus Biodiesel

Spearheading the management as the director of Nexus Gas, Mr Rangarao has proven credentials in developing and strengthening management teams to bolster company profitability and efficiency. Possessed with a 360-degree ability to transform an organisation into a productive, intelligent enterprise, Mr Rangarao has excelled in defining a win-win proposition with customers and stakeholders.

His primary job as a director includes keeping a bird’s eye view on the day to day operations of the firm along with driving sales and business development. He is also responsible for customer acquisition and retention.

He has excelled in identifying, formulating and executing rewarding business strategies and driving the reputation of brands in the market. He is also renowned for improving profit margins of brands considerably along with nurturing customer relationships.

An exceptional team player, motivator and a result-oriented professional he possesses all the capabilities to make an enterprise reach dizzy heights under his leadership.

Yusuf Quazi, Director, Nexus Biodiesel

Currently serving the company as the director, Mr Yusuf Quazi has worked with leading brands including GoGas, Purti group, Reliance energy, Haldirams etc. His current job role includes setting up Auto LPG stations (ALDS) across India as well as managing the growth of LPG packed cylinders, LPG bottling units and most of all Biodiesel.

With a consolidated experience of 20 years in the domain of sales, marketing and advertising he aims to utilise the best of his skills in giving back to the society as well as establishing Nexus Gas Pvt Ltd as one of the leading brands in the clean fuel domain in India.